Speakers at SECURE 2018:


Inbar Raz

Inbar has been teaching and lecturing about Internet Security and Reverse Engineering for nearly as long as he has been doing that himself. He started programming at the age of 9 on his Dragon 64. At 13 he got a PC, and promptly started Reverse Engineering at the age of 14. Through high-school he was a key figure in the Israeli BBS scene. He spent most of his career in the Internet and Data Security field, and the only reason he's not in jail right now is because he chose the right side of the law at an earlier age. Inbar specializes in outside-the-box approach to analyzing security and finding vulnerabilities. Using his extensive experience of over 25 years in the Internet and Data security fields, he spent 3 years at Check Point, running the Malware and Security Research, and 2 years at PerimeterX, performing fascinating research on Bots and Automated Attacks and educating both customers and the public about the subjects. Inbar has presented at a number of conferences, including Defcon, Kaspersky SAS, Hack.lu, CCC, Virus Bulletin, ZeroNights, ShowMeCon, several Law Enforcement events and Check Point events.



Piotr Bazydło, NASK

Piotr Bazydło has finished Warsaw University of Technology on the faculty of Electronics and Information Technology in 2016. His adventure with the cybersecurity has started about 2 years ago at NASK, as a researcher in the Network Security Methods Team. Today, he is a head of this team and is responsible for designing tools for the automation of specific network related analysis. Lately, he was mainly involved in the analysis of darknet network traffic and in botnet fingerprinting in this traffic. In his free time, he trains his hacking skills. Twitter: @chudyPB.


Fernando Diaz, VirusTotal

Fernando Diaz is currently a Software Engineer working for VirusTotal. Day to day tasks includes developing sandboxing technology for Windows and Android systems for dynamic analysis in distributed environments. Previously did an internship for VirusTotal to develop a dynamic analysis system for Android and Linux environments. Also, afterwards worked as a Security Engineer for the firm HIspasec, mainly with analysis of Windows, Android and IoT malware. Research includes new malware families and IoT malware.


Przemysław Kępa, ING Bank

Passionate about IT Security, occasionally he also pokes around with Artificial Intelligence. Technical aspects of the IT are not a secret for him although sometimes it is just easier to ask a victim for permissions that he needs. In the 2013 he received his Master degree from the Silesian University of Technology from IT Security field. Most of his working time he spent in an Incident Response Teams but 2 years ago he moved to the attacking side. As Senior IT Security Consultant at ING Bank in Amsterdam he is mostly responsible for preparation, execution and reporting of Red Team Exercises. Additionally he is responsible for executing penetration tests or doing internal workshops from IT Security in general. Among others he holds certifications such as CISSP, OSCP, OSCE, GCFE, GCIH. In free time when he is not sitting behind a PC he goes rock climbing, plays squash or burns calories in some different way.


Jarosław Sordyl, CERT PSE

Head of Computer Emergency Response Team at PSE S.A. – Transmission System Operator in Poland. IT security consultant with over 20 years of experience with specialization Computer Forensics and Information Security Management System based on ISO/IEC 2700x. Trainer cooperated with academia, universities and training centers delivers lectures concerning all aspects of information security, risk management (ISO/IEC 27005), ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001), BCM (ISO/IEC 22301), cyber threats and investigations on cybercrimes. Former law Enforcement Officer, until 2014 member of the Management Board of Europol, Polish representative to Heads of Europol National Unit forum, member of a working group of IT and corporate systems. Product Manager, Train the trainer of Europol IT systems. Former Head of Europol National Unit in Poland responsible for the area of fighting of cybercrimes and IP crimes. Holder of many of IT certifications: CISSO, CDFE, CPTE, ISO/IEC 27001 - Lead Auditor, CDRE, Lead PenTest Professional. A graduate of the Interpol Academy – Intellectual Property Crimes.


Martin Ohl, McAfee

Martin is a Solution Architect for the EMEA region and joined McAfee in 2013. He is specialized in building enterprise reference architecture designs, Blueprints and integrations aligned to the key cyber security outcomes. During his time at McAfee he held various roles in various countries in the EMEA region. Prior to McAfee, Martin worked with global IT Solution Integrators and Solution Partners. 
McAfee Blog Author Page: https://securingtomorrow.mcafee.com/author/martin-ohl/
Github: https://github.com/mohlcyber
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/mohlcyber
Twitter: @mohlcyber


Abhijeth Dugginapeddi

Abhijeth D(@abhijeth) is an AppSec dude and an Adjunct Lecturer in Australia. Security Enthusiast in the fields of Penetration Testing, Application/Mobile/Infrastructure Security. Believes in the need for more security awareness and responsible disclosures. Got lucky in finding few vulnerabilities with Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, eBay, etc and one among Top 5 researchers on Synack a bug bounty platform. Got a chance to speak at Defcon, Blackhat, OWASP AppSec USA, c0c0n etc.


Agnieszka Gryszczyńska

Agnieszka Gryszczyńska is a prosecutor in the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, and specialises in prosecuting cybercrimes. Moreover she is an Assistant Professor at the Chair of Informatics Law, the Faculty of Law and Administration, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. Agnieszka Gryszczyńska has a degree in three fields: law, administration and computer science. She graduated from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw with Ph.D. degree in 2011. She has published a number of articles and books in the field of ICT Law, cybersecurity, public registers and personal data protection. Her research interests are mainly cybersecurity, cybercrimes, electronic evidence, personal data protection, access to public information, digitalization, electronic access, interoperability and security of public registers.


Adam Lange

For over 15 years Adam has been involved in the IT security industry. Currently, as the manager of the Cyber Threat Intelligence team in one of the largest financial institutions in Poland, he is responsible for the security of customer funds and data. Privately and professionally connected with the subject of detection and analysis of malicious software. Architect, developer and administrator of security systems.


Michał Leszczyński, CERT Polska

Since April 2018 an analyst at CERT Polska, who professionally and passionately deals with breaking various Internet applications. He is constantly interested in spreading good practices in the field of software development and security. Co-author of an open source mquery project to quickly search for malware samples.

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